Couple’s sensory wellness

  • Is his (or her) loudness driving you nuts?
  • Is her (or him) not putting anything away making you crazy?
  • Does she (or he) always cook spicy food and you like it bland?
  • Do you like camping and he (or she) despises it?
  • Do you like lots of touch and cuddles and he (or she) recoils?

Two people with different sensory tolerance levels, sharing life, can be extremely tricky…unless you understand what sensory tolerance levels are and how to manage it.

Join us at Anneke Venter Occupational Therapy to:

  • Learn the neurological reasons behind your differences in preference.
  • Learn what each person needs (or don’t need) in order to function optimally.
  • Learn how to calm down your/your partner’s nervous system when it is revved up.
  • Learn a new way to co-exist in a way that meet both partner’s needs.

What you get

Session 1: Individually tailored assessment that may include a combination of the following:

  • Assessment interview.
  • Sensory MatrixTM assessment.
  • Environmental sensory audit of home and/or work environment (as our environments impacts on the load placed on our neurological systems).
  • Day program audit (as the type of activities we engage in impacts on the load placed on our neurological systems).
  • Mental health audit of all family members (mental health difficulties can lower sensory tolerance levels even further).

Session 2: Assessment feedback and intervention planning session where intervention goals and the number of intervention sessions are agreed upon.

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